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I visited here with a bunch of my friends and had a great day, we spent most of the day on the main Motocross Track but we all enjoyed the small sand track and the trail ridding. The Main MX track actually has held an Australian National Motocross Round on it, so that says a lot about the venue. The track was immaculate, perfectly groomed and prepped with no rollie clods. The surface was a combination of sand and loamy soil it had an orange/reddish colour to it and formed good ruts through the day. Most of the turns had no berms but they were not necessary because the track would develop deep ruts and multiple lines. There were some awesome jump sections that at first seemed technical but after a few attempts were easy to get. There was a sandy whoop section that was my favourite part of the track they were quite large but they were well shaped and by the end of the section you could start jumping through them. The obstacle I had the most trouble with was the massive finish line table top still to this day the biggest jump ive attempted to clear im guessing its over well over 100 feet in length. But in saying this it was really safe the design of this jump is really well thought out. In general the MX track layout was one of the best ive ridden on and the prep put into the track was amazing it truly was a joy to ride on.

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