Motocross Mountain

Motocross Mountain is a really enjoyable track that flowed really well and consists of some good sized jumps and plenty of berms. The track surface was perfectly groomed without hardly a breaking bump. The track was flat hard pack when we went there but with the right amount of rain the track would rip up and  be grippier. There were no real flat turns at all which is a shame because it would add some variety and different lines through the turn. In saying that all The Berms were nice and big and majority of turns had a inside rut line.  The Jumps had perfectly shaped up ramps and for a beginner or average joe ridder made it really comfortable and confidence inspiring to hit some of the bigger jumps. All in all Motocross Mountain is one of the most fun tracks I have ridden on the only real down side was the distance we had to travel but if you were making this a weekend trip away you would be well rewarded.

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