Queensland Motocross Park

QMP is probably our favourite Motocross Park in Queensland. QMP is situated about 50 minutes south west from Brisbane surrounded by some truly scenic country. The tracks of QMP are situated on a couple of undulating hills with a big man made dam in the middle of the valley. The Soil is a dark loam consistency and when prepped well the tracks are grippy and rut up amazingly well leaving you with a massive smile on your face. QMP Consists of 2 MX tracks 1 Natural terrain track 1 stadium track a supercross track (only open to SX licenced ridders) 2 Junior tracks and a heap of different trails for trail ridders. The tracks at Queensland motorcross park very in difficulty but are all fun and the jumps are really well shaped and vary in size. Our favourite tracks at QMP is the MX2 track on the side of the hill and also the natural terrain track I find through the day the corners in those to tracks really rut up well and are amazing to ride.  Majority of the time the tracks are ripped, watered and really prepped well. There are exceptions maybe once a month on a Thursday or Friday after the tracks have been prepped they can be full of rolly clods and if there aren’t enough bikes there to make some groves  it will stay like that the whole day. But this is the exception ive also been there on Thursdays and the tracks have been wonderful.

QMP 2018

We recently travelled back to Queensland Moto Park and I have to say I was very impressed the conditions of the tracks were immaculate and this was during the school holidays. The layouts of the tracks remained simular except for the changes to the stadium track it had changes to nearly every section. MX1 and the natural terrain tracks had the same layout and Mx2 was also the same only the jumps were slightly reshaped and built back up again. The most impressive thing about QMP 2018 was the soil there has been sand added to the loam in areas to help stop the soil from becoming cloddy. The natural terrain track was the best its ever been nice and loamy and a few sandier corners I was so excited I almost threw the bike away a few time =) and the funny thing was it was a THURSDAY..

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QMP is located on Goan Road, Coulson, QLD 4310 (Off Beaudesert-Boonah Road). QMP Location 

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