Kawasaki KX 250F 2004

The 2004 KX250F was one of the first new generation 250 4 strokes id ever ridden and I loved it. The bike just did everything well and gave you confidence that id never gotten from other dirt bikes mainly because you could ride it so hard and it was so forgiving.

The performance of the Kayaba suspension is Amazing both firm and plush at the same time. The suspension feels great hitting big jumps or through choppy breaking bumps. The kx also corners really well from braking to accelerating out of a turn it tracks amazing and holds its line.

The motor is still my favourite thing about the 2004 KX250F, the power delivery is smooth all the way from the bottom to the top range of the engine. The KX is great to ride in any condition because of the smooth nature of the power deliver but when the track is slick its outstanding where nearly any other dirt bike would slide out the KX250F hooks up and drives.