Willowbank Mx Park

Willowbank MX Park is located south west of Brisbane and is the closest ride park from the city. There are some really great tracks and Willowbank MX Park the MX 1 track is a great practice track at any time of the week be it flat and hard or rough and rutted it is consistently a good track to ride on with good flow between corners and nicely shaped jumps. The stadium track has some great jump combinations and the biggest jump at the MX park on it. Willowbank MX Park also has a sand track located at the back of the MX 1 track. This MX track has some really nice turns on it and a really nice sand part which is great fun. This MX track is good for beginners and novice riders, there are mainly corners and small singles on this track. Between the first time we visited Willowbank  MX Park in 2017 and the last time in 2018 the MX  tracks have been great, the only thing we miss is the MX 1 track used to have a really fun sand section at the back of the track but it got worn and weathered away.

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Contact Phone: 0475 222 007

Willowbank MX Park is located on Coopers Rd & Lanes Rd, Ebenezer QLD 4340. Willowbank MX Location