Parklands Motocross Park Kenilworth

Parklands has 5 tracks in total with 3 larger sized Adult tracks. Two of the adult tracks are more basic entry level tracks with smaller jumps, but they are still enjoyable to ride on they are fairly short in length and have berms on almost all of the corners. The larger MX track is more advanced but is still a really confidence inspiring track and is really fun to ride there are a couple of really nice jump sections and one largish table top (around 25m) with only one obstacle that’s a bit technical I can think of. Most of the corners are bermed, In general there is some good variation in each of the turns so it does make it fun. I suggest riding this track in the morning it tends to be a little damper and can be really grippy. in the arvo it dry’s out and is slippery, the track is usually quite hard packed. The track is a little short that’s ok for unfit people like me but it would be a little better if it was a little longer. There is also one jump section that is a little technical because its slightly down hill and has a smallish up ramp so you need to hit with speed and be fully committed, 3/4 jumping this will end in tears.

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